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the name

Veleda is a name most widely known as a legendary historical priestess and prophet of the Germanic tribe of the Bructeri. It is thought though that the name stems further back, with possible Celtic roots, used not as a name but as a title for a wise woman or prophetess and associated with woman who were actively connected to deities and known for their prophetic skills (veleta - "prophetess", welet- "seer", a derivative of the root *wel- "to see") There have been multiple possible etymological and cultural origin links of the word from around the world. Once being found on a rare Gaulish inscription in an ancient tomb in France in a spell inscribed by witches. The word has also been linked to the Welsh 'gweled' - 'seer', the Gaulish 'uidlua' - 'sorceress', the Russian 'vyed'ma' - 'witch', West-Germanic waldon, "to have power" and the ancient Sanskrit 'vedas' - 'to see/to know'.


What is this?

The Veleda Oracle is a 54 card full-colour deck designed to be used to harness and enhance your intuition, give you that extra nudge of guidance and to help you reflect on the world around you in a magical and mindful way.

Scroll down to read about the inspiration behind the name, head to the guide section find more on how to use your deck. Have fun playing with some different Oracle SpreadsFind out about the environmental considerations and eco policies here.



What do they mean?

These cards can be used in many ways, pulled individually for a one card reading or used in both simple and more in depth spreads. Use them to pull a card for the daily energy, or a medatative focus for a situation. They can also be used alongside other oracle and tarot cards to add further clarity or guidance to a reading. Use them in spells, magic, for inspiration or just because you enjoy the images... there is no right or wrong way to use this deck! You don't need to know anything about oracle cards to start using them. These cards are designed in a way to encourage your own intuition. Through the use of the chosen colours, imagery, symbolism, and words, over time users of this deck can start to add their own meanings and feelings behind their personal connection with the individual cards. You can also visit the full online card guide for a further insight into each card for extra guidance.


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