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Embrace, Acknowledge, Welcome

Through self-acceptance you can begin not only to embrace but love who you are. Accept that which you can't change about yourself; stop seeing these things as flaws, and start looking at how these traits might be seen as  positives. Accept the gifts that nature has given you. Accept both your strengths and weaknesses, and work with them, not against them. Openly and freely be ready and willing to welcome what you need in to your life. Trust in your path as life unfolds in front of you. Be mindful and be in the moment. As we go through life, times will come when we have to be willing to see a situation as it really is. Things change and endings come. It can be natural to resist this change, but sometimes you must accept things for what they really are and move on to your next chapter. Be willing to accept offers of help where needed: you don't have to do everything alone. Most importantly, accept who you are and embrace it fully!