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Explore, Discovery, Confidence

You may feel suddenly able to take on the world, or at least step out of your comfort zone a little. Use this extra boost. Do something that's outside of your usual routine. Add a little more variety to your life. Chase some of the dreams that scare you. Your bold enthusiasm can be contagious. Get out there and see new things, learn more, taste more, read more or just walk without a destination in mind. This can be symbolic of an adventurous spirit not everybody is physically well enough or able to explore or climb mountains, and not everybody wants to. This card is just as much a symbol of an adventurous spirit, internal exploration and emotional freedom. Let your mind open up to new concepts and possibilities, allow yourself to dream big, explore new creative outlets. A new journey may be waiting for you, if you are feeling curious and brave this is a sign that you are ready to start exploring this new path, who knows where it will lead. You may feel impulsive right now, ready to act rather than think, sometimes this is a good thing and what you need to break out of a rut. As long as you are not putting yourself or anyone else at risk this card says go for it! Don’t be surprised if opportunities arise to travel, learn a new skill or expand your mind. There could be fun new things and exciting times on the horizon for you.