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Rhythms, Patterns, Cycles

Life is a constant state of ebb and flow, ups and downs, highs and lows. Times of action, passion, creativity and inspiration, and times to rest, withdraw and recuperate. Get in tune with your own natural cycles. Work with your natural rhythms instead of fighting against them. Where possible, try to adapt more towards your own schedule, as squeezing into the imposed routines of society can be both physically, emotionally and psychically draining if it clashes with your own natural rhythms. Pay attention to the cycles of nature, the seasons, the stars and particularly the lunar cycle. Study your emotional thought patterns and consider how these could be affecting you physically and spiritually. Realign with your natural energy flow. If you are feeling a little lost or out of sync, this card may appear as a kind reminder to take a moment, to pay attention to your sleep routine, health, exercise routines and social commitments. Turn your energy inward to realign yourself.