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Stability, Flow, Equality

Life is a balancing act. Sometimes we can find ourselves struggling to juggle all of the different aspects of our lives and ourselves. If we find ourselves spending our energy too freely in one area and neglecting other aspects of our lives, this can ripple through our entire selves, leaving us off balance, tired or overwhelmed. Be careful that you are not giving too much of yourself to something or someone unappreciative, draining you, leaving you feeling empty, sad or tired. Use this a sign to recalibrate your own life scales. If your priorities and responsibilities and weighing on you, remember that it is okay to spend time by yourself; in fact, it's a necessity! Delegate, let people help you. Say ‘no’ sometimes; you can't take on everything, and you do not have to. Balance your energy and resources carefully. Be adaptable and flexible, but set boundaries. You may find yourself craving more stability in some way right now, or feeling a little out of sync. It might be a good time to start exploring practices that help you center and ground yourself. There is a balance of light and dark within all of us, and one does not work without the other; accept and embrace all parts of you. Align your inner self and embrace both your sun and moon energy.