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Grace, Kindness, Truth

Often known as a representation of grace, gentleness, joy and sweetness, a pink rose can remind us all to get in touch with our softer side. Be kind and gracious to yourself and others. Let your outer beauty come from an expression of your inner truth. Be true and confident in yourself and your beauty will shine through. Be inspired by the natural beauty around you, letting yourself absorb the magic of nature, exploring new creative pursuits and passions. If you have been feeling a little uninspired or frustrated, pay some attention to your home space: do the things you are surrounding yourself with make you happy? Try to add a little beauty to your personal space: put up some art that brings you joy, treat yourself to some flowers, make a small altar of things that have special meaning to you or make you happy to look at. This is a card of romance, sweetness, inspiration, kindness, self-acceptance and inner calm.