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Truth, Vision, Insight

If you have been in a time of haze and confusion, welcome this as a good sign. You may find it easier to ascertain the truth of a situation, or find your logic and insight sharpened, and your sense of awareness heightened. If you have been recently querying things, now is the time to get the answers. Question things you feel unsure of, seek the truth. Things may suddenly come to light that have seemed hazy up until now. It is important that you communicate directly and that you intentions are clear. Listen carefully to what you are being told, but don't be afraid to follow up on the facts. You may be extra perceptive at this time, with situations and the motivation of others appearing more clearly. First you must clear the clutter from your mind. You might like to take some time to meditate, rest and ground yourself in order to feel more clearly. This is a card of truth, knowledge and clear insightful thinking.