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Renew, Refresh, Clear

Sometimes life can get on top of us. It can become easy to lose sight of our truth and fall out of touch with our core self. Cleanse yourself of energies that are draining you. If you have been putting off tasks that are weighing on your mind, do them! Clear what is slowing you down. If other people's energies have been affecting your own, take some time to ground yourself, to restore your healthy boundaries. We are constantly receiving information, both consciously and subconsciously, much of which we never asked for and don’t require. As we naturally accumulate mental, emotional, physical and psychic baggage from our surroundings, it can leave us feeling tired, cluttered, sluggish and even confused. It is important to take time to actively cleanse our minds and spirits from these negative energies. Spend some time alone, away from work, technology and the bustle of people. Do something that is just for you: sit outside, meditate, dance, sleep, read, paint, cry, shout, or enjoy doing absolutely nothing at all. But give your mind the space and freedom it needs to refresh itself and regain control.