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Open, Truth, Listen

Communicate with your inner self, and be honest with yourself about who you are and how you feel. Communicate your hopes and dreams. Speak them out loud – put them out into the universe and listen to what it's saying back. Trust your intuition and be open to subconscious messages. Once you start communicating more clearly within yourself it will become easier for you to express your feelings to others, naturally and with confidence. This will bring you the inner strength and clarity to speak your truth with pride. Share your thoughts and ideas with others. Listen carefully and considerately. Express yourself. Tune into your surroundings, get in touch with nature, feel the world around you. Check in with your friends and family. If you have been experiencing misunderstandings in a relationship or at work, this card encourages you to vocalise your concerns calmly and truthfully. Approach it compassionately and be open minded. Communicate who you are to the world clearly, proudly and boldly.