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Boundaries, Personal Space, Self Preservation

It is important to set, and be aware of, your own personal boundaries. Having some form of personal defense system is what keeps us healthy and alive. Don't apologise for setting your own limits and drawing a line. Stand up for your beliefs, stand up for your friends and stand up to those less fortunate or able to defend themselves. Thistles and nettles have adapted to grow sharp prickles and hollow stinging hairs as a necessary defence system in order for them to survive in nature. Both plants have also been found to have certain antioxidant properties which help the human body with its own defense system. Being ‘overly defensive’ is a description often used as a criticism or an insult, but it is not up to anybody else to decide how or how much you should react to something emotionally. If you personally feel your defensive instincts are particularly high for you right now, you may want to look deeper into what the root cause of this could be; are you feeling attacked in some area of your life, or lacking in personal space? Reestablish your boundaries and comfort levels, and don't apologise for protecting your personal space.