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Paths, Guidance, Choices

Have you lost your way or been facing difficult decisions? Look to the skies, feel your path, trust yourself. It is okay to not have everything figured out, and you need not know exactly where you are going. Your direction may not be obvious, and is unlikely to be linear, so just take it one step at a time. Listen to your instincts, weigh up your options. We can only ever make the best decision with the knowledge we have at the time. Sometimes we get lost, take a detour, or intentionally wander off our path. These decisions aren’t wrong, you learnt things along your way. Don’t dwell on where you have been, but focus on where you are now. Try to let go of what other people expect you to do. Advice, if well meaning, can be helpful and useful, so be open to receiving support, but remember that your route is not the same as theirs; ultimately, the direction you go in is yours to choose. Avoid making comparisons. We all take different paths, at different speeds, sometimes ending up in the same place, sometimes crossing over, but the best direction for someone else may not be the way you need to go. Look inward, listen to your inner guidance. Focus on what you want for yourself and take your own route.