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Resilience, Determination, Fortitude

Like the waning moon waiting slowly, hiding half in the shadows but embracing the dark nights, the evergreen trees, who brave the winter forests and keep going through rain and shine, growing their leaves when others are losing theirs. This card is here to let you know that, with your inner strength and determination, you can get through it; you can not only overcome obstacles and survive, but also grow from the experience. Endurance is not about putting up with things that harm us or cause us to be trapped in a situation which is unhealthy for us, it's the power you have within to not give up on yourself, to keep going and make it out of the other side to a better place. We all sometimes go through difficult times, and our perseverance, resilience and inner strength is what helps us to endure these difficult phases to the best of our abilities. Hang on in there, your spring will come!