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Roots, Grounding, Beginnings

Reconnect to your roots. This card is here to remind you of who you are and where you started from. Dig deep and get in touch with your core self. If you are feeling a little lost or confused about which decision to make or which direction to take, this card encourages you to go back to basics, to strip it back and really think of what is at the root of the situation. If you remove all the clutter, what is the the true core of the matter? If you are looking for emotional or spiritual grounding, you may benefit from looking at your past, researching into your family history, or exploring your ancestry and learning about their practices. This card could also show up as a positive sign if you are embarking on a new project or relationship as a symbol of setting good foundations for the future. Lay the groundwork, plant some roots, put in the time and beautiful things may grow.