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Adventure, Escape, Explore

If you have found yourself longing for an escape, or feeling stifled within your daily life, this card is a positive sign. Whether you have been overworked, having relationship or family difficulties, or going through a tough mental health period, this card encourages you that a fresh sense of freedom and relief is on its way. A welcome break from whatever has been weighing you down. You are a free spirit. You are ready to embrace opportunities, start a new journey and see where life takes you. You may feel creatively free, which will bring great truth and beauty to your work. Your mind will begin to feel clearer and your spirit refreshed. This is a symbol of new beginnings, opportunity and the freedom to make your own choices. Throw the weight off your mind, rid yourself of the negative energy holding you back. Get outside, take a deep breath, embrace the cold air or soak up the warmth of the sun. Create, dream, explore, seek out adventure! The world is yours.