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Generosity, Sharing, Contribution

There come times when we will have gifts or blessings that need to be shared. You may be feeling generous or altruistic. Give kindly, this need not be of a material or physical nature, you can give your time, wisdom, love, support or even a passing kind word. Contribute where you can. Be compassionate and charitable. Offer help to others. If you find yourself in a position of abundance in one area of your life, share this blessing with others less fortunate. You can help people in so many different small ways, is somebody asking you for more space, some patience or time? It could be in your best interest to give them what they need at this time, if within your safe boundaries. Try to give back to the universe, show gratitude and look after your environment. Our world cannot survive if we do not repay back some of the care and growth. Appreciate your gifts and natural abilities. Show yourself the same love, support and kindness that you would so freely offer to others. Treat yourself well, give yourself a break. Give love, and give thanks.