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Signs, Direction, Inner Light

Like a moth drawn to the moon, you too have your own inner light guiding you. Sometimes this light will appear clear and bright, your direction will feel obvious and your goals achievable. Other times your moon may be darker –  just a small glimmer of light, making it less easy to find your way. If you are feeling in need of extra guidance, pay attention to the signs that you may have been receiving yet not registering, feelings that you can not logically explain, unusual patterns recurring in your daily life. What is your inner guide trying to tell you? Listen to your heart, your head and your instincts. Make sure these aspects of yourself are in alignment. Allow your mind to be quiet enough to hear the whispers. Pay attention to your dreams, ask for signs, and be ready and willing to receive them. Your guide may appear to you through other people; if a friend or stranger is reaching out to you, there may be a reason for this.