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Trust, Alignment, Peace

With harmony can come a sense of wholeness and peace. You might find yourself feeling like things are finally coming together – a sense of calm and quiet fulfillment. You are coming into alignment, in flow with your surrounding energies. Ground yourself, clear your mind and focus on your inner self. Get in tune with your body, with your natural rhythms and cycles. Being in harmony with yourself will bring a confident, radiant you into the world. There could be a shared vision, a coming together, a union built on trust, mutual respect and good communication. You can find fulfillment in supporting others. Work together, embracing your differences and utilising your unique qualities and views to create something that works with everyone's strengths towards a positive outcome. Like the sun and moon, as different as day and night, separated yet linked and in sync. This is a strong card for partnerships, both professional and personal, family ties, home life, group work and emotional stability.