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Rest, Recovery, Self Care

Rosemary and yarrow are some of the world's oldest medicinal plants and have been used in healing since ancient times. They are here on this card to remind us that self care is, and has always been, important to our survival. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed – emotionally, spiritually or physically – or if you’ve been experiencing a time of fatigue and mental exhaustion, take this as a sign to check in with yourself. You have possibly been dealing with the breaking down of some mental barriers, processing through some difficult emotions or revisiting past hurt. If you have been overworking and neglecting your mental or physical health, or giving too much of yourself to something or someone that is not beneficial to your wellbeing, this is a wake up call to start taking care of yourself. Be kind to yourself as you begin this healing process. Take a break, rest your body and mind, and treat yourself well. If you can, seek out nature. If needed, hibernate at home. Healing is a different process for each of us. It is a journey of many stages, so don't put pressure on yourself as it is not a race. Take all the time you need and know that you are worth the effort.