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Faith, Light, Encouragement

Sometimes hope can come to us through the smallest of signs, like a tiny sapling sprouting through at the end of winter, the first glimmer of a new season, reminding us that there is a new beginning coming. A slice of glimmering moon in an otherwise dark sky, the tiny feeling of relief that you fleetingly allow yourself to acknowledge. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find this hope within you. In the darkest times, hold on in there, keep believing and have faith that things will change. You may be entering a new phase in your life, so be open to what may come. Approach it with a positive energy. You heading towards a brighter time. This hope can come to you in the form of a fresh sense of purpose, a renewed sense of focus or mental stability, or the spark of inspiration or an idea. Allow yourself to dream and aspire. Let this feeling uplift you. Be patient and open.