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Subconscious, Perception, Projection

Things are not always as they initially appear. Look below the surface, dig deeper and assess things from another angle or perspective. Pay attention to the facts and details. Be thoughtful and logical, and use your intuition when making decisions. Research carefully and weigh up all of the information you have; avoid jumping to conclusions before assessing the overall picture. It can be easy to fall into believing a facade, or to get caught up in the idea of an imagined false image, thereby losing track of the true reality of a situation. Be aware of self-deception: be cautious that you are not unintentionally projecting past events and emotions, internal fears or negative feelings on to a present situation, and be sure that your subconscious is not clouding your intuition. Cleanse your mind and ground yourself. Relieve yourself of mental blockages to sharpen your intuition and inner guidance.