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Dream, Explore, Create

Imagination is an amazing gift, a fantastic tool we can use and play with as we wish. It can give us the hope and inspiration to create a brighter future for ourselves and others, the ability to create art and see beauty. The encouragement to visualise a better world. On occasion our imagination can work against us, and if we are under pressure, unaligned, or out of sync, it can become all too easy to let our mind imagine the worst. Be careful that your imagination isn't being overcome by negative thought processes. If your mind is running away from you or leading you down dark paths, turn it around and envisage all the good things that it could create instead. Remember that your imagination is your own personal dreamworld, your playground. Use it for joy, not to cause yourself pain. Why spend your time running through worst case scenarios that may never exist? Imagine beauty, peace, excitement and love. Imagine great things for yourself and you might be one step closer to believing that you can achieve them.