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Create, Ideas, Passion

You are surrounded by inspiration, so let yourself absorb it. Feel the creative energy and motivation. Look to the moon and the stars; appreciate the grand accomplishment of a tree; notice the nature around you, and feel the energy of your surroundings. Create something, express yourself in any way you feel and you will naturally inspire others. Put your thoughts, words, dreams and ideas out into the universe, and be ready to receive what comes back to you. Be generous, use your natural gifts and talents, be kind and graceful. Be the person you want to see in the world. This is a great card for artists, writers, musicians, teachers and activists, or anyone with a message to put across. You can inspire just by living your life with kindness. Share your passions and projects with enthusiasm. Let yourself inspire with confidence, hope and beauty. Wear your invisible crown. This natural energy will attractive the positivity and support of others.