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Truth, Belief, Opinions

Morning glory is a divider of opinions: to some, a beautiful vine flower; to many, a troublesome bindweed. Judgement can make all the difference in how something is viewed and treated, despite often being down to the eye of the beholder or the circumstance in which you are placed. The situation is what you make it. Are you shying away from who you really are or who you want to be for fear of judgement? If you are hiding your truth or restricting yourself for fear of what other people may think or what they may have to say about your choices, you are robbing yourself of your full life experience. If you are acting out of kindness to yourself and others, from a place of good will, then you need not fear the judgement of others. Be wary also that you are not forming opinions or conclusions about others unfairly. Is it your place to judge them at all? It's important to remember that people's struggles aren't always shown on the surface, so don't judge them and their journey by something you simply perceive to be their truth, and don't judge yourself by comparison. You don't know their path or they yours. If you get called into account for your actions, be ready to stand by your beliefs and values, and know that you acted out of fairness and truth.