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Understanding, Logic, Wisdom 

Draw on your mental power. Use your logic and intellect to help form your decisions and guide your path right now. Expand your mind, learn new things, research into new fields or further your knowledge in an existing area. Be open to embracing new ideas. Useful information may come to you from unexpected places. Make your decision by using impartial judgement and balanced unbiased understanding. People may come to you for advice or answers, which you will have in abundance, even if you don’t feel like you do. Share your knowledge freely and positively in a way that supports, helps and lifts others up. Don't underestimate your natural intellectual qualities. You may find that your acquired or innate knowledge leads to positive new opportunities. Use your natural energy and enthusiasm to learn more, and to educate yourself and others. Learn, teach, listen, read, expand, inquire, enlighten. Know yourself.