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Friendship, Joy, Compassion

This is a warm and positive sign, representing friendship, family, community, love for the nature surrounding you and for your fellow animals. Show love for your world, a world that may often feel harsh, cruel and unkind, but rise above it. We must avoid fighting hate with more hate; reach down and find the strength within you, the strength to remain compassionate in difficult times. It is important not to forget your self love: until you fill up your well of love and kindness to yourself, you will always be chasing this love from others. This is a card of emotional contentment, fulfillment, trust, honesty, openness, compassion, unity and harmony. Share this love with others, support them and lift them up. Trust your intuition, follow your feelings. Allow yourself to also receive love. If you are experiencing blockages in this area, look inward and ask yourself if you are stopping yourself from letting people in, perhaps through fear or past disappointments. Love is fun and free, so spend it freely.