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Opportunity, Blessings, Manifestation

Luck can sometimes be what you make of it. Be thankful for small blessings. Actively work towards improving your own good luck, and create the space for new opportunities to enter your life. Welcome chance encounters or offers. Improve your skills, step out of your comfort zone and be awake to your surroundings. You have to be ready to notice and appreciate potential opportunities. Approach life with a positive energy and be ready and open to receiving the same back. Start small and show gratitude. You have the potential within you for emotional fulfillment and spiritual abundance. Use your inner strength and will to manifest your goals. This card can come as an encouraging message to look out for a small helping hand offered by the universe. Things will soon be on the up for you. Speak your desires, ask for what you want, turn your dreams into a reality – luck is on your side, so look out for it!