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Nostalgia, Lessons, History

You may find yourself reconnecting with people from your past or revisiting an old place. Memories can be a comfort or a shackle. It’s human nature to look back on things with a different viewpoint to the actual experience as it was lived at the time. Sometimes our minds can mist over the bad bits and make us long for a past situation which, in reality, didn't really exist. Other times, with hindsight, our memory may be tainted and we may project negative memories onto occasions that were pure at the time. Be careful you are not dwelling unhealthily in the past and ask: are these thoughts serving you? Are you really longing for what has been, or what could have been? If you are finding yourself thinking of things you could have done differently or times you've been wronged, use these memories, learn from them, and then move forward. Nostalgia can be a lovely thing. Sometimes it is good to get in touch with your younger self. Remember where you have come from; everything you have been through has made you the strong, wise person you are today, but you can choose which of these experiences to take with you into the future and which to release and leave in the past.