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Restore, Nurture, Self care

Nourish your soul, feed your body and look after your mind. Sometimes we give so many little pieces of ourselves to others that we can end up finding that there is little left of us for ourselves. It often becomes too easy to neglect our own well-being. Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions. Cry if you need to cry, laugh if you need to laugh. Rest, recuperate and restore. Create beauty in your life. Let yourself be absorbed in art, surround yourself with music, read a book, spend time with animals, try to get out into nature, explore the woods or stand in the sea, breathe in some fresh air. Spend some quality time with people who revive you and lift you up, and enjoy the friends who make you laugh. If none of this is possible for you that’s okay too. Soak in a bath, curl up with a hot drink, or have a nap; whatever you can do to feed and nourish your soul with kindness is enough. Ground your energy. Nurture yourself and your close relationships. Treat yourself!