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Inner peace, Harmony, Acceptance

Most of us long for peace of some kind – inner peace, self acceptance, harmony between others, or just a stress free life. Sometimes these things may feel a world away for us. Work on calming your mind and loving your own true self. In times of chaos or unease it can be difficult to remain focused on our inner peace, but if you can begin to find peace within yourself you will have a much better foundation on which to welcome peacefulness into all areas of your life. That's where we should start: stop fighting with yourself, call a truce and show yourself the acceptance and love that you deserve (it's more than you think). Ground yourself, calm your energy, let go of anger. Differences you have been having with others may soon be settled. The olive tree and its branches have long been seen as a symbol of peace, spanning across continents and cultures. In Ancient Egypt, it is thought that the scent of the olive was used in rituals for its ability to bring together many different people’s beliefs and values. This card reminds us to respect and value the differences of others, to be kind, welcoming and inclusive. It is a good sign if you have been struggling with family conflict, work disputes, or inner mental anguish, and it hints at a more peaceful time to come.