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Persistence, Courage, Determination

The lotus flower grows in murky waters, rooted firmly in the dirt, pushing through the dark water until it surfaces from the pond to emerge clean and beautiful as it reaches the air and proudly opens its flowers to the sun. Although at times we may feel as though we are stuck in our own muddy waters, we must persevere: keep going and keep reaching for the sun. The difficult times will pass. Do not give up. You can and will blossom again. Often it's these darker times that make us shine all the brighter when we do finally emerge back into the light. Beautiful things can sometimes come from rough conditions and difficult beginnings. The lotus petals open in the morning and close at night, repeating this cycle daily, reassessing, regenerating. The lotus has been associated with rebirth, enlightenment and self-generation. Some things are worth persisting with, despite not providing instant rewards or success. Channel your tenacity, effort, resilience, strength, determination and patience, and don't give up, you can do it!