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Guard, Prevention, Boundaries

Lavender has been a widely used herb throughout human civilization and is often linked to having protective qualities. In certain folklore, wearing bay laurel wreaths or planting it outside your home was believed to offer protection from the sky gods, and bay leaves are still used by healers and herbalists to this day. Protection can come in a very positive form from a place of strength and good intentions. Lavender is also known for its relaxing qualities and calming scent, while bay laurel is often associated with the energy of the sun. Defence doesn't need to come from a place of fear and is not any indication of weakness. We all need a certain level of natural self-protection. Antlers are grown to offer necessary protection and evolutionary survival but are also shed and regrown in a cycle of renewal, with barriers waning, adapting and growing in strength with age. Use your own inner strength and love to build up your healthy personal boundaries. Protect from external forces, negative energies or unhealthy situations. Look out for yourself, allow time for self-care.