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Positivity, Warmth, Confidence

You are ready to radiate your light to the world. This card indicates a strong positive shining energy. This could come to you as a bold and outgoing feeling, or as a quiet self-assured confidence, but either way your inner strength will shine. Harness your own inner power and let your talents, creativity and kindness flow. You may find people are being drawn to you; use this warmth and energy for joy. Share your knowledge, your skills and your heart. Stand up proudly for what you believe in and let your truth inspire. Be gracious to others. Let yourself embrace a new confidence. This is a more positive and optimistic time for you. Things are going to get better. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there: own your body, mind, spirit and inner power. This card is here to let you know you're glowing! Be authentic and let that radiate from you.