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Gifts, Generosity, Opportunity

Allow yourself to be open to possibilities in order to receive the gifts that nature is ready to offer you. Look out for the messages of guidance that the universe is sending your way. Appreciate your privilege but do not take it for granted. Share your blessings. If you find yourself on the receiving end of other people’s generosity, accept these gifts with gratitude and grace. In the future you will be in a position to repay and give back, to pass on some of this kindness to others. Be open to receiving support and inspiration, and be willing to accept help if needed. Let go of some of the guilt you are carrying: you are worthy of the opportunities being offered to you. If you have been working hard on manifesting a goal, this is a good sign that you may soon start to see your hard work pay off and harvest the spiritual or physical rewards of your journey. You may be due to receive some good news or a positive offer or opportunity.