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Renewal, Transformation, Letting go

Release what is no longer serving you. Try to let go of any self-constructed negative thought patterns holding you back; free yourself from unhealthy emotional ties. You may have experienced all you needed from a certain situation, and perhaps it's time to move on, to free yourself and others, like a tree letting go of the leaves that are longer serving it in order to direct its energy inward, in order to grow and survive. This could indicate the end of a personal season for you, and therefore a new beginning. A time for change and renewal. Clear yourself from the negative feelings you may be holding on to about yourself. Just as many plants and trees let go of their leaves in autumn, we too need to renew ourselves, to strip back and let go of outgrown ideas that no longer fit in with our new stronger self. This is a card for breaking habits, for renewal and letting go of old baggage. Make space for your new adventures, opportunities and bright future.