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Flourish, Blossom, Self Confidence 

This is a card of active energy, inspiration, forward movement and motivation. It's a time to get things done. The universe is on your side right now and will help you to thrive in all you do so make the most of it! Full of optimism, determination and limitless potential. You are ready to embrace opportunities. Your passion and confidence will be at a high, and your goals will feel more achievable. This is a positive upbeat sign and a great time for the energetic pursuit of your passions. The cherry blossom has been know to symbolise a time of renewal, beauty, power, strength, love and passion. This card can sometimes show up to offer an encouraging nudge: you do have what it takes to thrive; if you're feeling a creative or emotional block, this will soon be coming to an end. You are ready to blossom in whatever field you choose. It's an exciting time with positive energy on your side.