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Success, Progress, Pride

You are heading towards reaching a goal or accomplishment. Even if the project isn't yet complete, you have made marked progress and can be proud of this. You are learning to harness your strengths and embrace your talents, and this will pay off with positive results. This card can point towards a period of appreciation or recognition for the work you are doing. If you have been putting the foundations in place this will soon be leading to success. This is a card of confidence, progress and pride. You have put in the work, whether it be physical, mental or emotional, and have overcome obstacles in your way. Your goals and dreams are in sight, or even expanding, as you allow yourself to branch out with newly found confidence. Own this feeling. If you have been going through a difficult battle, it should soon be coming to an end and you will grow from it. Take what you have learnt and thrive. You are ready to flourish!