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Honesty, Belief, Faith

Freesias have been used as a symbol of trust, innocence and friendship. As we make our way through life it can become all too easy to lose some of our innate ability to trust as we go through difficult experiences or let-downs. It’s only natural that we can lose some of our innocence and naivety, learning lessons along the way. This can sometimes make us fearful or wary. Sometimes this card can appear to let you know it can be okay to let a few of your boundaries down occasionally. Don't let residual hurt or unresolved anger isolate you and take from you the pureness of trust. Personal boundaries and limits are important; they protect us, they are necessary, but so too is trust. Allow yourself to trust and believe, slowly and carefully. Be honest and truthful. If others put their trust in you, treat it with respect and kindness. Have faith in the universe, in life and in nature. Most importantly trust in yourself – you've got this!