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Aspirations, Hopes, Dreams

What do you hope for? What are your dreams? Allow yourself to speak your desires out loud; start manifesting your wishes. It will take patience. Remember that things take time; reaching goals and making your hopes and dreams a reality will not be an immediate process. Put in the work, focus on your path and let yourself dream. Make your wishes come true by using your own magic, your skills, talent, confidence and determination. Be affirmative and positive. Believe you can do it. Imagine your wish as a reality. Be mindful about what you wish for. Before you start blowing dandelions and hopes into the wind, be selective about what you actually want. It's easy to believe we want or need things that have actually just been imposed on us by other people and society through years of conditioning. Reach deep: what do you really want? It may be less than you think as some of our biggest wishes are for the simplest of things.